How PropertyREI Works

The simplest and easiest way to analyze your rental properties.

 PropertyREI is the most intuitive and easy-to-use real estate financial analysis tool on the web.

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How does PropertyREI work?

 1. Enter your property data.

With PropertyREI you can have a full cash flow analysis done with just a few data inputs into the dashboard.

Utilizing the assumption dashboard you can give colleagues, customers, and business partners the tool they need to answer their own questions simply by playing around with the dashboard inputs.

2. Analyze your cash flow and net income.

Analyze your real estate investment cash flow in minutes.

Automatically build a professional pro forma cash flow statement based on assumption inputs for your rental property deals.

Build beautiful and easy-to-follow cash flow forecasts that will allow you to quickly understand the net cash flow potential of your rental properties.

3. Review key investing metrics.

Analyze property metrics like the pros. Quickly assess pre-calculated key performance indicators and metrics for your investment property.

Calculautes NPV, ROI, Cap Rate, DSCR, IRR, GRM, Margin and more analysis metrics.

Perfect for presenting your investment  business plans to lenders, banks, and business partners. 

4. Share your investment analysis with stakeholders. 

Unike other solutions, PropertyREI moves you into the realm of displaying your real estate business intelligence in a way that can help you make the right decisions. 

Identify and understand the total investment picture from one highly visual and interactive page.

The easiest way to see whats happening with your money, all in one place.




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